Hi. I'm Maik Arink.
I'm a web designer, amateur photographer and model railroader from Nordhorn, Germany.


I have been photographing since I'm 6 years old. I have began with a compact camera taking pictures analogy. Since then i constantly got better equipment and learned so many new creative techniques.

Web design

The World Wide Web has always been fascinating for me. In 2008 I have tried to understand how to create a websites. Shortly after I have began to teach myself HTML and CSS to build even more sophisticated sites. Over the years I learned even more languages like JavaScript, PHP as well as (My)SQL. Since then I always like to try different techniques and attempts to solve a problem. So I run, for example, the hosting of some websites and applications on multiple dedicated servers, pursuing page optimization via Content Delivery Network (CDN) and try out various CMS systems.

About Me

I was born in the year of 1995. Since then I have tried in various areas to acquire knowledge. Two of my big hobbies I have already described above in some detail.

I can already looked back at 2.5 years of school in the area of informaation technology [Informations Technologie]. This included in particular the scope of the IT installation, programming of basic C# (MS), PHP and project management.

In 2013 I started to perform more professional Webdesign and now working in the field graphic and web design.